• The way people interact with businesses, and especially the workplace, has fundamentally changed. We are moving forward to a new, more technologically advanced normal. 
  • Virtual tours – which enabled people to ‘tour’ a space without visiting in-person – are continuing to prove their worth even as Covid restrictions ease. 
  • Virtual tours can increase engagement, increase in-person visits, and shorten the sales cycle. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered consumer behavior and preferences. The way people interact with businesses has fundamentally changed. 

This is particularly relevant for the commercial real estate industry, which was among the hardest hit during the pandemic. 

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As people worked from home, office space sat empty. With uncertainty lingering, some companies pulled out of existing leases, others downsized their footprint, and only a few ventured to sign on new conventional leases. 

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Today, there are positive signs ahead. Yet many of the lessons learned during the pandemic are being carried forward to a new, more technologically advanced normal. 

The Way Forward 

As companies move forward, they are rethinking their workplace approach. There’s been a huge shift in the way organizations and leaders make real estate decisions. 

Likewise, real estate and workspace owners have had to adapt, and technology has proven a lifeline to enable them to engage prospective clients and members. 

Part of this involves the way prospective workspace users tour spaces. During 2020 and 2021, visiting space in-person was put on hold. Instead, companies leveraged video technology to take a virtual tour of the space as part of the decision-making process. 

Now, workspace companies and landlords are increasingly using digital tours to walk prospects through the space in a virtual setting. 

Virtual tours can increase engagement, increase in-person visits, and shorten the sales cycle. 

They do this by providing a dynamic and immersive experience that allows prospects to get a feel for the space, from anywhere. It offers a number of other benefits, too, including: 

  • Faster and more frequent communications with customers 
  • Allows sellers to interact with more prospects 
  • Cost effective interactions 
  • Prospects visiting the space are better qualified 

Introducing TrueView360 

TrueView360 is a virtual sales platform for commercial real estate and flexible workspace. It uses digital technology tools to create immersive visual experiences for workspaces, giving prospects the feel that they are in the space. 

Fully customizable, the platform includes: 

  • An easy to navigate 360° virtual tour  
  • Interactive floor plan to guide the prospects to different locations within the space  
  • Still photographs to highlight key areas and amenities  
  • Video  
  • Upload of the virtual tour and still photographs to enhance the Google business listing  

What’s more, it’s quick and easy to implement. The whole process can take less than a week to be completed.  

“The process from start to finish was easy, professional, and seamless,” says Roger Kahn, Champion Office Suites, Garden City, NY, who uses TrueView360’s virtual platform. “The final product is excellent and enables us to give prospects a ‘tour’ without their having to leave the comfort of wherever they are at the time we are speaking. The tour is also always available to them at any time they want another look-see or to show it to one of their friends or colleagues.” 

This platform gained traction during the pandemic, when few people wanted to leave the safety of their homes to tour workspaces in-person. Since then, the quality of the experience has proven itself a valuable and efficient sales tool to any building and flexible workspace. 

And of course, this video tool is not just for workspaces. 

Helen’s Place is a shelter for women, part of The Sophia Way, which opened recently in Kirkland, Washington. Helen’s Place provides a safe and stable space for women experiencing homelessness, and the team commissioned a virtual tour with TrueView360 to enable people to get a feel for the space even if they couldn’t visit in-person. 

Take a look at the virtual tour here. 

“Prior to the opening, TrueView360 came in to photograph the space – everyone was so kind, friendly, and understanding that this was something we had never done before,” said Zee Peters from The Sophia Way. “The filming went quickly and smoothly. Working through the editing process was seamless… We couldn’t be happier.” 

Why not find out more? Discover TrueView360 here. Plus, TrueView360 is offering 10% discount for Allwork.Space readers. Just use the code Allwork10 to get your discount. 

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