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Tech companies are giddy with excitement as former Twitter employees desert their homebase. 

With the social media platform undergoing drastic changes within a short span, other companies are taking advantage of the top talent aimlessly wandering around for a new employer.  

For instance, leaders are taking aim at Elon Musk’s leadership, criticizing his decision to slash the company’s workforce and essentially upend its foundation.   

“As a leader, getting criticized is part of your job,” wrote Katie Burke, chief people officer at Hubspot, on LinkedIn. wrote in a Linkedin post.   

“Great leaders recognize debate and disagreement makes you better and is part of the process. If you want a place where you can disagree (in a kind, clear manner of course) with people, HubSpot is hiring.”  

Big Tech has been slammed with historic layoffs in recent weeks, with both Amazon and Meta announcing their own job cuts in preparation for lower-than-forecasted earnings and an incoming recession.  

But many tech leaders are from companies that are far less volatile and confident in their trajectory, giving employers a perfect opportunity to scoop up abandoned talent to bolster their business. 

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