We Reviewed FlexiSpot’s Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)


  • Many of us spend too much time sitting at our desks working, and evidence shows that sitting for long periods is linked to poor health outcomes.  
  • FlexiSpot’s ProPlus standing desk is a solution for people who need a desk at which to work but do not want to be sedentary.  
  • Sheya’s overall assessment of the desk is positive – here’s why she believes it might be ideal for workers looking to improve their overall wellbeing quickly and easily. 

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Ergonomic furniture company FlexiSpot sent us their ProPlus Standing Desk to review. 

FlexiSpot, a company focused on designing ergonomic office furniture, offers eco-friendly and practical products for the workplace or the home office.   

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Standing desks and treadmill desks have gained in popularity over the past several years to become the fastest-growing employer-provided perk.  We wanted to discover just how beneficial it could be to have one in the workspace.

Flexspot standing deskAssembling the desk 

The desk arrived in three boxes; two arrived within 12 days and the third just a few days later. This was incredibly fast shipping as the company headquarters are based in California and Sheya is in London, England. The company are very helpful and offer assembly advice, if required. 

The boxes are fairly heavy and if you have any back issues, we would not recommend attempting to lift the boxes without support – ensure you have another (more able) person around to help. Despite that, assembly was quick and easy, and did not require any additional information other than the assembly instructions provided. 

We would suggest choosing your location wisely because once the desk is up, it is not that easy to move around (it does not have wheels). Sheya chose the perfect spot at my coworking office and will be keeping it there for the foreseeable future. 

Flexspot standing deskFour features we reviewed: 

1. Practicality

Sheya is fairly tall at 5’10” but she was concerned that the desk would not be high enough, but these concerns were completely alleviated when she realized that this desk can support someone up to the height of 6’4”.  

Even if you are above that height, the desk can be used with the addition of a monitor stand (which we tried out too). The minimum height is 4’2”, so it really does suit everyone.  

It is also extremely sturdy and although we have yet to try sitting on top of it, it can hold a total weight of 355lb. This is important to know because Sheya plans to install a printer and a monitor on top of the desk (in addition to a few books at hand). This makes the E7 desk highly versatile. 

The desk came with the latest premium LCD keypad, which is a touch-screen panel with powerful yet practical functionalities. We love the embedded USB charging port for all of our devices and the fact that there are four height preset buttons, which make customising your desk so much easier.  

There is a child-lock button on the panel which is great if you often have a curious seven-year-old by your side – who would like nothing more than to experiment with the height function! 

There is also inbuilt cable management, an important safety feature for adults and children alike (and even pets).

2. Aesthetics

Aesthetically, this desk offers a range of attractive features. This particular desk has sturdy, black t-style legs and a beautiful mahogany wood finish – but there is an entire range of desktop colours, wood finishes and materials to suit individual preferences.  

You can choose a style that will blend in with your working environment or go for something that will stand out. Either way, this is a highly attractive desk that will look good in any room or office space. 

The E7’s embedded cable tray underneath the desktop also adds to its aesthetic qualities in that it hides all of the cables from your workstation. This is not only visually appealing but it enables you to organize a clutter-free work space (which has been shown to boost productivity). 

This desk will look good in any home or office (or zoom call) and is one of the most attractive desks we have come across.

3. Ergonomics 

This standing desk can help workers stay active and mobile. There are many benefits to a standing desk – for example, postural improvement, reduction of back pain, support for wrist positioning and better circulation. Additionally, standing whilst working can also burn excess calories, boost mood and sharpen your focus.  

In the short time that has Sheya used this desk she has already felt most of these benefits, such as an improvement in posture – this was almost immediate. 

The customisation function for height also enables the user to sit down at the desk, which offers much needed work flexibility. 

4. Capability 

So, does this desk meet expectations? The online reviews for the E7 are extremely positive. Our experience is that even without the additional health benefits, this desk is capable of providing a highly versatile, flexible work space.  

Not to mention the fact that this desk is fully electric and comes with a 15-year warranty.  

This stylish desk is for everyone who wants to work smarter, whilst looking out for their general health and wellbeing.  

The Review

FlexiSpot’s Pro Plus Standing Desk


  • Versatile, sturdy, stylish 

Review Breakdown

  • Delivery

  • Practicality

  • Aesthetics

  • Ergonomics

  • Capability

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