What Employees Want Out Of Their Workplace


The idea of the workplace has completely transformed over the past year. Now, sitting at one desk from 9 to 5 is a relic of the past.

Instead, the pandemic has highlighted the fact that there is a work alternative that is not only more convenient, but also produces better results.

“The pandemic has hastened the realisation that work is not somewhere you go, but something you do, no matter where it happens,” said Flore Pradère, Research Director of Global Corporate Solutions at JLL. “And it’s the workforce – empowered by technology and looking for companies to do more on supporting their wellbeing – who is now driving and accelerating change. Businesses need to reinvent themselves with the workforce front of mind.”

The ability to work from anywhere has opened a world of opportunities for businesses, who are now looking to new strategies to create a better work experience.

But what does this look like from the employee perspective? What do employees want out of their workplace?

For starters, the idea of the five day work week is dead. With companies embracing technology and collaboration tools, employees want to work remotely at least 2.4 days a week after the pandemic according to JLL research.

Flexibility is the overarching theme of the future of the workforce. This means incorporating flexible offices into a company’s strategy in order to accommodate workers who want to return to an office and socialize with colleagues, without the lengthy commute into the city.

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