Flexible working is a dream-come-true for many, but how companies approach it isn’t always a guaranteed success. 

For Lindsay Compton, a military wife and owner of a business consultancy, working from home seemed like the best option for her and her children. 

“It also seemed like quite a good model for being able to deliver really specialist knowledge and not have overheads that were too high,” said Compton. 

However, as her team has grown, Compton finds herself “desperate” to be back in an office.  

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“Having an office space where you have good light and a good environment can just make you feel a little inspired, and I think it enables you to be a bit more brave,” said Compton. 

She isn’t alone. While many professionals have eagerly embraced flexible and remote working, some workers miss being in an office.  

In fact, a recent study from PwC shows that 11% of workers in the US would prefer being in the office full-time, while 62% prefer coming in some of the time. 

Among the biggest reasons for wanting to come into the office is the desire for social interaction and a separation of work and life. Whatever the motivation may be, it’s essential for leaders to be mindful of the diverse workplace needs of their employees.

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