Despite downsides of remote working being highlighted in the past year, one of the biggest perks was the lack of commute.

In fact, research from London Loves Business found that 60% of post-pandemic commuters said that a hybrid working arrangement would help reduce the stress of a daily commute.

So how do business leaders and managers help build more confidence in the commute for employees? For starters, leaders need to start communicating now as they create new policies and practices for post-pandemic arrangements.

One of the largest concerns in commuting is avoiding parking shortages and overcrowding when entering the building. This can be solved by providing flexible hours that help stagger entry times, or encourage using a bicycle to travel to work.

Although virtual meetings have become crucial to the workforce over the past year, the value of in-person meetings should not be overlooked. Moving forward, the future of the workplace will be a place that balances the convenience of virtual meetings, with in-person meetings needed for collaboration.

Still, it’s not a surprise that commutes have always been a nuisance to the work day. But now organizations have a chance to reevaluate how to improve this experience for their workers, and offer them alternative solutions so they can easily return to the workplace.

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