In this show Michael discussed some tips, tricks and techniques to build a strong career. He shared some platforms that professionals could use to gain growth faster. He also shared the importance of networking and discussed how to do networking effectively.

For two decades, Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg have been revolutionizing the field of talent management, first guiding the careers of rock stars, then bringing their unique managerial acumen to tech talent and entrepreneurs. They founded Brick Wall Management in 1995, representing musicians like John Mayer, Citizen Cope, Vanessa Carlton, and others. As the decline of the record industry in the first decade of the twenty-first century became apparent, Rishon and Michael set their sights on expanding into the tech world. With the creation of 10x Management in 2012, they changed the way top-level programmers could find work in the fast-moving tech landscape. They are the authors of Game Changer: How To Be 10x in the Talent Economy (HarperCollins; September 2020), which reveals the secrets to becoming a “10xer” for anyone in any industry.

Michael’s Book:
Game Changer: How to Be 10x in the Talent Economy by Michael Solomon, Rishon Blumberg, Daniel Weizmann

Discussion Timeline:
2:12 Bringing the creative and tech talent together.
4:19 Parallels between creative talent and tech talent.
6:41 Incentivizing tech talent.
9:46 The need for an ecosystem supporting tech talent.
14:14 Demoncratizing technology to the non-tech workforce.
19:12 Who’s responsible for keeping the workforce underprepared for tech disruptions?
25:31 Pros and cons of a highly specialized workforce.
27:50 The ideal reader for “Game Changer”.
32:40 Tenets of a “10x” professional.
35:02 Concept of a super visionary leader.
37:52 Empowering employees in the times of temp and gig workforce.
46:15 Who’s responsible for empowering talent in the times of gig/remote workforce.
50:48 The ideal reader for “Game Changer”.
53:07 Rapid fire.
1:00:18 Michael’s success mantra.
1:02:56 Michae’s favorite reads.
1:05:04 Closing remarks.

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