After 18 months of lockdowns, the world is ready for more face-to-face interactions. Zoom believes the future of work is hybrid; specifically, the future of work is all about flexibility. In a recent survey by the video conferencing company, the definition of hybrid work was “a work-from-home policy that is more relaxed after the COVID-19 pandemic ends than it was before”. 

During a call, Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan said that “many customers I talk to are looking to create hybrid solutions as they seek to cautiously reopen some offices.” To support the future needs of companies and workers, Zoom is rolling out new features, including Zoom Rooms and Zoom Events. 

Yuan also stated that one of his business goals if ro Zoom to serve all businesses as they reopen, “that’s why you see a lot of initiatives around that angle—either the conference room, or the phone, built-in chat, or meetings.”

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