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WorkPod, Work2.0 Show takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most influencers, leaders, academics, and practitioners to explore the #FutureOfWork. The topics covered ranges from work, workers and workplace as we head into the future. Each episode is loaded with actionable insights that help leaders, employees and businesses align themselves better with the inevitable reality of future of work.

WorkPod, was one of Apple Podcasts’ most downloaded new shows in the category of #HRTech and #FutureOfWork in 2020.

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Work2.0 podcast detail:
Podcast: #Work2dot0 #FutureOfWork Leadership Podcast
Guests: Sr. leaders/influencers/practitioners leading businesses, work, and workers into the Future.
Targeted to: Upcoming leaders & influencers thinking about the Future of Work, organizations, and leaders
Distributed to: 160k followers/subscribers
Time/Date: Speaker Specified., 45min – 75min long
Template: Online over GoToMeeting, Casual Conversational style [Video will go to YouTube, the audio will go to podcast]

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If you are game: Use the link provided, if you’ve not already been approached, to fill the quick form and our team will get on to reviewing your participation and get back to you.

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About WorkPod:
Work Pod takes you on the journey with leaders, experts, academics, authors, and change-makers designing the future of work, workers, and the workplace.

WorkPod is managed by, a #FutureOfWork community for HR and Organization architects and leaders.

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